sabato 6 febbraio 2010

WTH!? 0.11.0 r1819

Compilato alle 18:30 del 06/02/2010
r1810 - Fixed some cards.
r1811 - Gah, missed one of these earlier.
r1812 - put sound back on WIN32 platform (J please review) - Added menu text for token abilities (needs testing)
r1813 - fix getMenuText for tokens
r1814 - Fixed a bug with "must" abilities and the AI, such as Noggle Bridgebreaker
r1815 - Reclaim->Instant
r1816 - fix goblin gardener -fix slithering shade
r1817 - fix issue related to drawing card (underworld dreams)
r1818 - fix Scourglass. I'm not happy with the fix but there's a huge limitation with the parser here and I'm too lazy to deal with it currently...
r1819 - remove Kor Haven and other incorrectly coded "prevent damage" cards

Download PSP (DropBox)

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