domenica 7 febbraio 2010

WTH!? 0.11.0 r1823

Compilato alle 22:50 del 07/02/2010

r1823 - Checked the manacost, color, type, subtype, power, toughness, and loyalty data of all cards in mtg.txt and mtg_todo.dat, and did about 200 bugfixes, optimizations, and cosmetic changes. All cards in both files should now have correct values for the keywords mentioned above. Note: I checked all changes manually, so in the cases where the value *has* to be different for the card to work (e.g.Covetous Dragon), I left the values as they were. In these cases I added a comment to the card code which notes why the values need to be different, so that no one else breaks the card by "correcting" them. Note 2: You may have noticed that I used a fixed sequence of lines for all cards. That was a byproduct of the file unification process, but I think it's also rather useful. Above the "text=" line are the lines that we need to code (abilities=, target=, auto= etc.). Below the "text=" line are the fixed values (mana=, type=, power= etc.) which we only need to touch if either the card gets errata'd, or we need to do some tricky coding (e.g. Covetous Dragon). So, in other words, everything below the "text=" line should be okay now in both files, and doesn't need to be checked when implementing or debugging a card.

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WTH!? 0.11.0 r1822

Compilato alle 21:56 del 07/02/2010

r1822 - fixed a bug with Sun Quan, thanks to coolguy824 for the bug report.
r1821 - removed a wrong "fix"
r1820 - compared the complete code of all cards that were coded in at least two different ways prior to r1774. Fixed a number of bugs. This closes issue 204 .

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sabato 6 febbraio 2010

WTH!? 0.11.0 r1819

Compilato alle 18:30 del 06/02/2010
r1810 - Fixed some cards.
r1811 - Gah, missed one of these earlier.
r1812 - put sound back on WIN32 platform (J please review) - Added menu text for token abilities (needs testing)
r1813 - fix getMenuText for tokens
r1814 - Fixed a bug with "must" abilities and the AI, such as Noggle Bridgebreaker
r1815 - Reclaim->Instant
r1816 - fix goblin gardener -fix slithering shade
r1817 - fix issue related to drawing card (underworld dreams)
r1818 - fix Scourglass. I'm not happy with the fix but there's a huge limitation with the parser here and I'm too lazy to deal with it currently...
r1819 - remove Kor Haven and other incorrectly coded "prevent damage" cards

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